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WN Picks: Featured Tasting – Italian Stallions


Italian Stallions

Italy is like France’s super talented younger sister. It produces globally renowned wines, and, yet, France still manages to get the lion’s share of attention. This shouldn’t be the case, and you’ll find out why as we introduce you to the famous areas of Piedmont and Tuscany, as well as smaller regions making superb wines.

With this tasting, you’ll discover tastes that are a result of the country’s vast terroirs, from goat-hopping mountain ranges to the salty Mediterranean, which create characteristics–dramatic, bold, maybe even melancholy– that can only be described as Italian.

Every week, we feature WineNight tastings we think you’re going to dig. They’re curated by our sommeliers and designed to open your palate to eye-popping tastes and dreamy aromas. Check out more of our delectable tastings at WineNight.

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