All About WineNight

cropped-winenight_rgb_pos1.jpgIf you’ve ever wanted to host a wine tasting at home, but didn’t have the time or knowledge to do so, you’re going to want to know about WineNightIt’s a newly launched startup that delivers everything you need to host a wine tasting party–right to your front door.

Not only a wine tasting, the WineNight app guides you through the tasting, asking questions about each wine’s elements and characteristics, kind of like your very own, super fun, virtual in-house sommelier. The WineNight tasting experience is designed to help you learn more about and identify the wines and grapes that make you go hmmmm…. So the next time you scan a restaurant’s wine list, you won’t need to ask for recommendations; and when you walk into a wine store, you won’t have to hope a bottle tastes as good as its label looks. You’ll already know.

To say we’re a little biased about WineNight, given that Wine.Life.Style is the blog arm of this venture, is an understatement. But as lovers of wine ourselves, we think the concept might make you a little bit giddy once you read about how easy we make it for you to host a wine tasting.

How WineNight Works

A Tasting For Every Palate

Every WineNight tasting is assembled by our team of wine experts and sommeliers. Browse and purchase any theme, each curated by wine region, red wines, white wines, a combo of wines, wine producers, pinots, chardonnays. You get the idea. Then we’ll send it to you via the post.

Hitchless Hosting

Pre-wrapped & numbered bottles for your tasting and wineglasses arrive at your door. From then on, until the night of your tasting party, we’ll send you Host Prep and check-in emails with food pairings, Tippling To-Dos, even Spotify playlists to make sure your night runs like a well-oiled wine press.

We’re with you every sip of the way.


Drink More. Learn More.

The night of your tasting party, the WineNight app leads WineNighters through the entire tasting. At each flight, Q&As about the wines’ elements are designed to sharpen your wine IQ while awakening your palate to the many flavors and aspects of wine. The experience is fun, informative, and a little competitive.

So you won’t just be drinking wine, you’ll be learning about it, too.

At the end, results are tallied to find out which WineNight has the sharpest palate. Wine ratings are seamlessly tracked through the tasting, so you can purchase and store your favorites after the tasting, or at anytime in the future.

And that, friends, is the essence of WineNight. If we’ve wetted your wine whistle, go ahead and check out some tastings. We’ll always be adding new tastings and features, so keep checking in, or sign up for the newsletter to have all the latest and greatest sent to your inbox.

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