How To Hallowine This Halloween

Not everyone loves dressing up and going out for a night on the town in Halloween costumes. I had a conversation with a friend about this the other night. It’s just not her thing. And it got us thinking over here at WineNight about all the ways us adults can enjoy Halloween without going heavy on the costumes and the get-ups. We did a little research and we’ve put together a list of a few of the best Halloween ideas for adults who would rather not go heavy on Halloween, but would absolutely love to celebrate and Hallowine (drinking wine while celebrating Halloween).

Photo: Flora Springs

Throw a Which is Witch Hallowine (Tasting Party)

Gather your festive friends for a night of wine tasting at home around the theme of the undead. Not sure how? Click here for a guide to throwing your own WineNight. It is way easier to throw your own wine tasting party than you think. It’s just picking up a few apps, cheeses and some bottles of wine. And below, you’ll find a list of tasty Halloween-inspired bottles all for under $20 suggested by Simplemost that you’ll want to include in your wine tasting. Though we threw in two bottles over $20 because we love these Halloween-themed wines so much! Happy hallowineing!

Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon — $14.95

If vampires could drink wine, they would likely appreciate a full-bodied blood-red wine like this California Cabernet Sauvignon from Vampire Wines. Its oakiness is complemented by dark cherry and blackberry flavors.

Bogle Phantom Chardonnay — $16.99

Attention, white wine-lovers: This creamy Bogle Phantom Chardonnay is said to taste like an apple pie with notes of caramel and vanilla. Pair it with lobster or chicken for an elegant Halloween dinner party menu.

Hallowine — $10.99

Why choose between a glass of wine and a warm mug of hot apple cider with cinnamon and nutmeg when you can have both with this mulled sweet apple wine from Hallowine? This spiced alcoholic beverage is best served warm on a cool fall evening.

7 Deadly Zins — $12.17

Zinfandel fans will love this 7 Deadly Zins wine with its sinfully delicious aroma of molasses and strawberry jam.

The Walking Dead Cabernet Sauvignon — $14.99

Just like the titular characters on the popular TV show, this Walking Dead Cabernet Sauvignon has a bold, sharp bite.

Charles Smith Velvet Devil Merlot — $11.99

As its name implies, The Velvet Devil Merlot is velvet-y smooth while bursting with fruit flavors and a cedar finish.

Flora Springs Malbec & Cabernet Franc – $60 & $55

Our Halloween wines from Napa Valley, 2016 Ghost Winery Malbec and 2016 All Hallows’ Eve Cabernet Franc are some of Flora Springs’ most anticipated annual releases. This year we offer two wickedly good Single Vineyard bottlings from our own estate vineyards in St. Helena, each with custom Halloween wine labels.

Photo: Self

Binge Watch “Stranger Things” Paired With Wine

It is perfectly acceptable to celebrate the undead by not going out in a Halloween costume to a party or to march in a parade. In fact, bingeing on a spooky TV show like “Stranger Things” is the perfect Halloween night in. To compliment your viewing, we’ve rounded up a few suggestions from around the internets on which wine pairs best with “Stranger Things.” There is not one consensus, so maybe buy all of the pairing suggestions and do your own wine taste test! Netflix & chill (that bottle of white!).

A lot less mainstream, but so delicious your friends will be asking you for recipes. Birch sap wine is exactly as the name suggests. You will need a few things to make it, and the obvious —birch trees. The sap that comes from them is watery and sweet and through an old process, you can turn it into wine. Weird right? Just like Stranger Things, it will blow your mind and the minds of everyone who sits with you to watch the next season.

When I think Stranger Things, I think something big, dramatic and unpredictable. Syrah is a wine that will keep you on your toes. It has a wide range of flavours that change dramatically, depending on where it is grown; from dark berry, spicy, to smoky bacon and olive flavours, this wine will take you to a whole other dimension.

“For this strange and supernatural show, you’ll need a wine just as beguiling,” James tells SELF. She recommends sherry, because the yeast used to make this wine (also known as flor) gives the whole thing a “bone-dry, chilling, salty, and nutty flavor.” This bottle of Deliciosa Manzanilla will do the trick for just $11. You can buy it here.

Photo: Taste of Home

Halloween Recipes For Trick or Treaters

Giving is receiving as they say. So instead of buying pre-packaged candy, spend a little extra time whipping up homemade goodies for those tricker treaters that come knockin’ on your door. Here are a few of our favorites from Taste of Home. And while you’re cooking up these tricks, treat yourself to sipping on a glass of one of the Halloween-themed wines above!

Marshmallow Ghosts from Taste of Home

Kids of all ages can help prepare these easy-to-make treats. With just three ingredients that I often keep on hand, they can be put together at a moment’s notice.

Caramel Cashew Cake Pops from Taste of Home

Nothing beats the pairing of buttery caramel and rich cashews; add it to a chocolaty cake pop and you have one irresistible little treat

“Boo”-rrific Kisses from Taste of Home

The Taste of Home Test Kitchen turned cute meringue cookies into these whimsical kisses, perfect for Halloween. With just 15 calories, each little treat can be enjoyed guilt-free!

Photo: Marie Claire

Wear A Bad Halloween Sweater

Ugly holiday sweaters are officially now a thing. We aren’t sure when this became a trend, but it is one of the best way to celebrate the season without having to don an actual Halloween costume. So if you want to hand out candy or trick or treat, but don’t feel like throwing on a costume, you can feel a part of things, without having to go all out. While this does not involve wine, with the money you save on buying a costume, you can purchase a bottle of wine to go with all that candy, to go with that sweater. offers a huge selection of  sweaters featuring everything from skeletons to  pumpkins and witches. And for day of purchase, you can just head to your local chain store in search of  a bona fide ugly Halloween sweater, like Target or Walmart.

Whether you go in or head out,  wine or dine, or Netflix and chill, have a faboolous Halloween! And let us know some of your favorite ways to Hallowine below!

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